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An e-card gift is a meaningful way to touch a loved
one's heart and touch the lives of people in need.

Here is how it works:

Select an e-card from an assortment of images of people who have been helped through the work of IOCC.  Then select a delivery date of your choice and add your personal message and desired gift amount. The card that you personally select will be emailed to your recipient to let them know about the life-changing humanitarian work being done in their name through your gift. Your card will feature the message that you write and will not include donation information or the amount.

Your e-card gift to IOCC on behalf of your loved ones will help us serve some of the most vulnerable around the world through programs devoted to helping people impacted by disasters, disease and conflict.

Give your loved ones the gift that changes lives.


Step 1:
Step 2:
Step 3:
Step 4:
Step 5:
Choose your eCard
Select an eCard to personalize and send or print.

IOCC IS Effective and Efficient IOCC has an outstanding record of stewardship. When you give to IOCC, you can give confidently knowing that IOCC is committed to maintaining low administrative costs so that more funds can go directly to helping people in need. Approximately 92% of IOCC’s resources are spent on humanitarian relief and development programs with only 8% for fundraising and administrative costs. Plus, every dollar you give helps IOCC secure $7 in support from governments, foundations and other sources. Read More Click here for IOCC’s Annual Report
Program Services – 92%

Fundraising &
Administrative – 8%